The GRAFT Challenge Vietnam 2021 is seeking AgriTech solutions to help shape the future of agriculture in Vietnam, Mekong region and beyond.

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Enhance access to quality production inputs: Vietnamese farmers, especially women, need improved access to affordable and high quality production inputs (e.g. farm machinery, labour, seed, pesticides and finance) to ensure farm profitability and sustainability.

Reduce post-harvest losses: Farmers need effective storage and cold chain logistic solutions to maintain quality of output from farm-gate to processing and/or retail channels. This is important to limit price risk, to ensure sustainability of downstream contracts, and to secure supply of food and agri companies downstream.

Build consumer trust: Food and agribusiness companies need solutions to provide consumers with greater confidence in the levels of safety and quality promised across their food supply chains. This is critical to strengthen the industry’s consumer and customer-facing reputation.

Crops & Plantations

Strengthen contract management capabilities: Agribusinesses engaged in contract management need greater connectivity and communication with their producer farmers to both improve and better forecast productivity. This will reduce contract risk and support improved customer management.

Manage climate-driven production risk: Agribusiness’ need affordable tools and technologies to help their farmers better adapt to climate risk in the vegetable, flower, fruit, rice and other plants. This is important to ensure supply security from their farm suppliers and the sustainability of their business. 

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Fisheries & Aquaculture

Improve feed cost-efficiency: Fisheries or aquaculture agribusinesses need to improve their cost-efficiency of feed products and feed practices in shrimp and pangasius production in a sustainable manner. This is vital to the resilience of the sector. 

Improve water quality: Aquaculture producers need to sustain and improve water quality across the production cycle – from inflow to effluent – to improve farm productivity, control disease, and reduce environmental pollution. 

Control anti-biotics and disease: Aquaculture producers need to do away with the chemical-based anti-biotics and control diseases to sustain production and meet market needs. 

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Strengthen environmental control: Production managers need the ability to better observe and control production environments in real-time and remote setting, to improve animal health outcomes. 

Minimize disease transmission: Piggeries need solutions to reduce likelihood and impact of on-farm disease transmission, to improve health outcomes for labour and animals alike. 

Improve feed cost-efficiency: Livestock producers need to improve the cost-efficiency of feed products and feeding practices across animal life cycles, in an environment-friendly manner. This is vital to sustain farm profitability and sustainability. 

Improved odour management: Livestock producers need affordable access to solutions to minimize, contain, or otherwise manage odours from animal production and waste. This is important to improve working conditions, community relations, and farm profitability alike. 

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